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From the strategy session, to content creation, all the way to actual distribution, your business will be telling its story with the best digital media strategies available!

How It's Done

No matter the service you are looking into, there is one ultimate goal from CD Social's perspective, which is to see your business grow and help it grow with using leading creative strategies.

Digital Media work is broken in to three main stages, often including many minor stages for evaluation and discussion.

Stage 1
It all starts with understanding your business, your mantra, and of course - your goals. From there we are able to create a strategy to cover the content types and distribution strategies that will work best for your business and the audience you are trying to reach.

Stage 2 
Once we understand your business and have a content and distribution strategy, we can get into the actual content creation. This varies depending on what your audience is likely to consume best, but it often is a combination on photography, video, and/or motion graphic work that allows us to reach your customers best.

Stage 3
The final main stage is the distribution and analysis of the project, when we sit down and perfect the time and location of distributing your content. After we have enough data collected, we are able to analyze this information and adapt our strategy to the data seen.



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