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Both finding and working with influencers that are in your businesses demographic to help grow brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately drive more sales to you.

How It's Done

Influencer Marketing is one of the most strategic and underpriced (in terms of reach for cost) services that any small or large business can utilize.

Whether you are in the fashion industry, health and wellness, fitness, or anything in-between: there is an influencer in your industry that is reaching tens-to-hundreds-of-thousands engaged and loyal fans. This gives you as a business the opportunity to build brand awareness in mass numbers, even more than that - sales.

CD Social will work to understand your demographic and then create an influencer strategy to find the best influencers to reach your customer base. We don't just use a software to find them, and we definitely do not just look at the numbers of followers: we do our research and make sure that not only are the sustaining engagement but they also are able to help you reach exactly who you are looking to sell to. 


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