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A bike racing team & club that needed to offer members a resourceful website

A Website To Offer Members All They Need To Know

I have personally raced for Team Cadence Cyclery since September of 2015, so the chance to give back to the team that has given me so much was one I could not pass up. 

The team did not need necessarily need anything super fancy or any special integrations, they wanted something simple that members and prospective members could utilize to get information about the teams sponsors, upcoming events, team meeting recaps, and information on the teams benefits.

We added a form as well to allow prospective members to fill out and give Team Cadence Cyclery's Board of Directors some insight onto who was requesting to join their team.

Promoting Their Sponsors

Sponsorship is a major part of any cycling team, and being sure to give the sponsors some kind of ROI is key to holding their sponsorship in upcoming seasons. 

Team Cadence Cyclery wanted to make sure that their website offered some exposure to their sponsors, as well as allowed their members to know who was supporting the team and what benefits they actually get from these sponsors.

Increasing Team Engagement
And Attendance

Partially used as a resource, partially a strategy to gain some attendance from team members, the Team Cadence Cyclery Schedule is updated monthly (more or less) with upcoming road, mountain, track, gravel, and shop events/rides. 

Now members are able to simple go to their teams website and get an update on all of the upcoming events that Team Cadence will be taking part in!


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