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A non-profit that needed a website that offered more resources on their website.

A Website To Show All The Good Someone Can Do

North Texas Angels is a non-profit organization based in Frisco Texas that works with children and young adults that have special needs. 

This organization is apart of multiple events throughout the year working to offer parents of those with special needs resources. Lacking a website that truly defined the things that this organization does for others, I was honored to get to work with them on it.

Increasing Connivence For Donations

Non-profits rely heavily on donations from other individuals and businesses to be able to offer everything that they do to those they work with. 

At the time we started working on this website, individuals/companies could use PayPal and/or mail a check to make a donation to the organization. Now directly from their website, you are able to make a donation on multiple levels with the click of a button, as well as pay with YOUR choice of payment (credit card, PayPal, or check).


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