Marketer. Strategist. Storyteller. Coffee Addict. Cyclist. 

I work with businesses on a daily basis to help them tell their stories, but these are my stories - the ones that require to be done in audio to get across what they are.

My blog is not my business, it is simply who I am and what my life is like. It is where I get to tell my story and share what it is like to be in my shoes.

CD Social is my way to work with businesses in three areas I know best - media strategy, influencer marketing, and Amazon Alexa voice services.

When you need a team of digital marketers who know business and have a passion for seeing your business grow, LDA is who you contact!


My favorite place to share my day-to-day life and what I am up to

A true inside look at my life and everything I do that isn't seen anywhere else

Connect with me easily and see what I have going on in real time

See my articles, podcasts, and other things I am up to

Connecting to myself and how this all started, by writing thoughts and experiences

When written just doesn't do, I turn it into audio to share my story in a new light

My work and business profile to understand exactly what I do

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