Espresso Addict. Storyteller. Marketer. Suicide Attempt Survivor. Cyclist. @TheChrisDeg

I never know exactly how I should word these pages, if it should be like my LinkedIn profile or like my Instagram bio, or neither. Today, I chose neither.

Everything I do, I do 100%, I do not believe in 9 to 5 or in overtime, I believe in making sure whatever I do is done completely and is executed to the best of my ability. 

Since I was young, I was always wanting to help people, I always was willing to give up my own time and happiness if it meant that I could make someone else smile, I have been empathetic like this for a long time. Sometimes to a fault. 

Over the years, things have changed and I have been through more than most. This has allowed me to perceive circumstances much differently than most do, and it has also allowed me to have a never ending passion for seeing people be happy. 

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